2015 Year Target of Konyaalti Municipality 15 Mileage Hot Asphalt

Konyaalti Municipality 2015 Year Target 15 Mileage Hot Asphalt: Konyaalti Municipality opened the hot asphalt season. Konyaalti Municipality opened the hot asphalt season of 2015 for the asphalt works on the streets and streets which were destroyed due to the works of natural gas and electricity line. Port Quarter 8. Konyaalti Municipality, which started to work as hot asphalt on the street, aims to cover the 2015 mileage with hot asphalt in 15.
Konyaaltı Municipality, which has completed the tender process for the "Prefabricated Concrete Pavement" work on various streets and streets, aims to lay 2015 thousand square meters of parquet, 40 thousand square meters of borders and 30 thousand square meters of paving stones.
This year, the 15 mileage of hot asphalt targets, indicating that the Konyaalti Mayor Muhittin Bug, said they started work. Mayor Böcek, m We continue our hot asphalt works in streets and streets where infrastructure is completed in Liman Neighborhood. We will make 15 miles asphalt this year. Our asphalt cost will be around 4 million pounds. Our goal is to make Konyaalti a livable and modern city for all. Ama

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