Ski Training for Mentally Handicapped Children

Ski Training for Mentally Handicapped Children: Children with mental disabilities who study at KAYSERİ learn to ski in Erciyes within the scope of the 'Disabled People Overcome Barriers' project. With this project, it is aimed to socialize students and increase their physical abilities.

Students with medium and severe mental disabilities at the Safa Special Education Job Application Center had fun at Erciyes Ski Center. Sait Güneş, the Ski Coach of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports Services, said, “Today's program is a program implemented in the 'Disabled, Overcoming Barriers' project. We have realized the 'Our Eyes Are At The Top' program for the visually impaired before. Now we started the mentally handicapped to ski. I hope they will continue our success in other branches. ''

Deputy Director of the educational institution, Yasin Efe, said that they had organized social and cultural activities for the disabled students. Efe, he continued:

“We brought 7 of our students with moderate and severe mental disabilities to study here. Hopefully, as we learn from them, we will have ski students, and we will have ski training for all of them. These kinds of things are very important both in their physical development and in their social development. We attach great importance to this as a school and institution. We will include children in such activities as much as we can. Currently two of our students are in the swimming competition in Antalya. We try to engage our students in such activities as far from the classroom environment as possible. This event is held within the scope of the 'Disabled People Overcome Barriers' project of the Foundation for the Training and Protection of Mentally Handicapped Children (ZİÇEV) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. After 3 weeks of training, students with mental disabilities will also enjoy the snow by skiing. ''

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