Rescue exercise on the ski lift in Yıldız Mountain

Rescue exercise on the chair lift on Yıldız Mountain: A rescue exercise was held on the chair lift at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center, which was opened this year by the Sivas Governorship.

Exercise, Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Buruciye A.Ş., under the Special Provincial Administration under the supervision of search and rescue teams. It was carried out by the staff. Citizens were stuck in the ski lifts due to the technical malfunction in the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Center at an altitude of 2 thousand 552, as required by the scenario. Then Buruciye A.Ş. crews took the trapped people down one by one in about half an hour using ropes. The exercise was conducted by the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration and Sivas Deputy Governor Salih Ayhan, Erciyes A.Ş. General Manager Murat Cahit Cıngı and Sivas Provincial General Assembly members followed. Deputy Governor Ayhan, Buruciye A.Ş. Stating that the staff spend their free time with educational activities, “We wanted to carry out more training activities, adapt to the mountain and create a culture for ski resort activities in the winter season of 2014-2015. We can say that we have had a successful season and continue to do so. This period, especially by seeing our shortcomings, we will offer a different Yıldız Mountain and ski center to the service of our citizens in the winter period of 2016 ”.

Stating that they should always be prepared for a possible malfunction, Ayhan said, “These are a technological system and electronic devices. Rescue will be at the last stage in case of failure, power outage and generator failure and manual system failure. It was important both for the training of the staff, the skills and the faster recovery of the citizen. 1 minutes to save an average of 8 person. In a total of 26 minutes, 6 of our citizens here were rescued in a conscious and planned way. They perform runway safety and all data very well with their technical staff of 25 ”.