Yedikuyulara Ski Resort

Yedikuyulara ski resort: Preparations for a ski center have started in the Yedikuyular region in Kahramanmaraş. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Fatih Erkoç and Ski Federation managers examined the region

The activities of the ski center, which will provide skiing pleasure for the people of Kahramanmaraş, began. Mayor of Fatih Mehmet Erkoç old Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı, the owner of the project Utkan Ilıcalı Ilel Cumbul and the technical team will be held in Yedikuyular ski resort and found in the area of ​​ropeway.

Mayor Erkoç said, “We completed the planning of our ski center and moved to the project phase. We are trying to train our ski center for the next winter. Our land allocations were made last week. There is a part left from the Ministry of Agriculture and I hope we will allocate it in the coming weeks. Not only people from Kahramanmaraş but also from the surrounding cities will be able to experience the beauty of Yedikuyular and enjoy skiing. "We are turning the area of ​​approximately 2 acres into a recreation area."

Stating that Kahramanmaraş is very lucky because it has a mayor with a broad vision, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ilıcalı said, “Yedikuyular is a place that currently receives more snow than Erzurum Palandökenden, one of the important centers of winter tourism. When the project is completed, Kahramanmaraş will have a ski center that will appeal not only to the city but also to the region. I congratulate the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Fatih Erkoç, for his visionary personality and courage ”.