Minister Bilgin Yht Set We Will Seek 53 Nation Conditions For The Minimum Percentage

Minister Bilgin We Will Seek 53 Percent Locality Requirement for the Purchase of Yht Set: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin said, “We will seek a minimum 80 percent localization requirement in purchasing 53 High Speed ​​Train Sets. At the end of the tender, we will ask for the right to transfer the licenses of the trains we will purchase. We aim to meet all our future needs with domestic production ”.

Eskişehir Aviation and Rail Systems Vision Meeting from EU Perspective organized by Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce (ETO) was held at Rixos Hotel. Transportation to the meeting, Shipping and Communications Minister Feridun Bilgin, Eskisehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, TCDD General Manager Omar Stars, Germany Economic Council, Turkey Officer Selim Lamb, ETO President participated in a large number of people with Text attentiveness.

Speaking at the meeting of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Feridun Bilgin, Eskisehir in Turkey on March 13, 2009 said it was the first city met with the YHT. Stating that the railway industry market in the world has a potential of over one trillion dollars in the short and medium term, Minister Bilgin continued as follows:

“We continue our work rapidly in line with the goals we set for the indigenization and development of the railway industry. We aim to make the national signal system developed in this context widespread and become a brand. In the same process, we plan to produce all kinds of railway vehicles in our country. We are making great efforts to implement important policies for the production of all vehicles such as national trains, national metro, national high-speed train in our country. Turkey, as consumers, not producers in this market, we are carrying out the work needed to rapidly become an important export countries, not bought. "

Feridun Bilgin stated that they started the National High Speed ​​Train project together with Eskişehir companies, universities and institutions affiliated to their ministries, and in this context, a local company realized the concept design of the National High Speed ​​Train Set. Stating that they want all the needs in this matter to be realized with domestic production, Bilgin said:

“The service procurement tender studies for industrial and engineering detail design are still ongoing. This will be tendered in the coming months. In addition, we will seek a minimum 80 percent localization requirement in the purchase of 53 High Speed ​​Train Sets, which we will tender in the coming days. In addition, we will oblige foreign companies to get at least 25 percent local partners. At the end of this tender, we will ask for the right to transfer the licenses of the trains we will purchase. In this case we want to achieve the ultimate end of the auction as we now set for high-speed trains in Turkey we aim to make purchases last we get outside. We aim to meet all our future needs with domestic production. "

Minister Bilgin said that they also designed the concept of the New Generation National Electric-Diesel Train Set and said, “We have also started industrial and engineering detail design studies. We also made the concept design of the New Generation National Freight Wagon. In the medium term, we plan to put our national diesel sets, national high-speed train and national freight car into service in this country, ”he said.

Explaining that they have made some legal regulations that will pave the way for the sector, Bilgin said, “But we are working on our efforts to quickly eliminate the missing parts. One of the most important legal regulations made in this context is the regulations to be made for the Liberalization of Railway Transport. The preparations for the secondary legislation regarding this law have come to the final stage. "We will be publishing the second legislation in a very short time, and we will remove some obstacles to the liberalization of the sector, especially for transportation.

Minister Bilgin added that aviation companies in Eskişehir have made very important contributions in projects such as ANKA, HÜRKUŞ, ATAK, which have been carried out so far, and that they will also contribute to future studies.

The closing speech of the meeting was made by businessman Ethem Sancak. Minister Feridun Bilgin, Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. in Eskişehir after the meeting (TÜLOMSAŞ) visited.

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  1. Finally a clever step.
    Ex: USA; YHT and similar systems in the railway industry for many years, regardless of whether it is a production facility in its own country (eg: old Westinghaus, later AEG, then ADTranz (ABB + Daimler-Benz Railsystems, now a BOMBARDIER foundation, etc.), absolute While we are looking for domestic production / domestic ratio up to% 80, we need to be sure that we need to know this current and relevant practical knowledge (Know-How) input as it is, we open the market completely to foreigners as an Eldorado center. I hope that this mentality, behavior and initiative will bring to the participants and especially the domestic servers, many innovations for this critical branch, and will lead to change of mindset in the first place, to create a real value-added infrastructure, especially a real Ar. -Ge will direct you to create infrastructure, itece k, will carry us forward!