Attention to the cable car to Uludag

Attention: Bursa Teleferik AS, 2. to complete the construction of the station building closes the area of ​​the Sarıalan-hotels region for a while.

Bursa Teleferik Inc. is offering the ropeway to the service of the Bursal people with a modern look, and on the other hand it is taking steps to make Uludağ the center of the four seasons. Bursa Teleferik Inc. General Manager Burhan Özgümüş, both domestic and international guests in the winter season, leaving a busy period, stating that they left behind, the white summit said that they are happy to prefer the ropeway.

Özgümüş stated that they are continuing their investments and said ına 2 which we took a break due to winter season. 23 March 2015 date of the construction of the hotels station. In order not to experience any negativity within the station, we only close the Sarıalan-Uludağ line for a while. We are waiting for the tolerance of our visitors for this decision which we take by considering the security of our guests. We are planning to complete the station as soon as possible and to open the Sarıalan-hotel region line with our new building. İstasyon
The cable car Teferrüç-Sarıalan line runs every day in the morning between 8: 00 and evening 20: 00.

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