Vuslat train extended from Eyüp to Mevlana

The first expedition of Vuslat Journey from un Eyüp Sultan to Mevlana il organized by Eyüp Municipality was carried out with the intense interest of many Eyüplü Vuslat Traveler. High Speed ​​Train to Konya with Eyüplü'ler, Hz. He visited Mevlana's tomb and prayed.

The first flight of the Vuslat Journey from Eyup Sultan to Mevlana was realized by Eyup Municipality with the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın, Governor of Eyüp Mufti of Eyup The district protocol was accompanied by Muammer Ayan and many members of the press. After the morning prayer, passengers from Eyüp Square to Pendik reached Konya with YHT. Konya was accompanied by Muammer Erol, the Governor of Konya. The first stop of the Eyüplüler Etli Ekmek restaurant, the President of the furnace in the oven to create the colored images created. Governor Erol, who visited Konya streets together with President Aydın, later received information from IHH's Konya Branch.

Mayor of Eyüp Remzi Aydın made a statement before moving towards Konya. After a morning prayer, we set off with besmele. This is a study of our municipality as part of a cultural tour. For a long time our people have been demanding a very intense go to Konya to visit Mevlana. We are not insensitive to these demands of our people. We wanted to do it. Actually, it was a bus ride. Because it was difficult to drive people around a distance of about 800 and spend a healthy way. So to speak, our government has come to our rescue. With YHT, this journey will take place safely, quickly and comfortably. Y

Eyüplü 'Vuslat Passengers', after eating the dishes that are unique to Konya, Şems-i Tabriz-i and then Hz. They visited the shrines of Mevlana and prayed. Konya Governor Muammer Erol, who accompanied the band during his visits to the mausoleum, conveyed his welcome wishes to the citizens of Eyüplü. A city where you don't know and know people and places you like and connect. A city that is easily accustomed and comfortable. At the same time, a city on the road to becoming a very serious industry and tourism city. I think these trips will have a very important contribution. Mr. President and Prime Minister have 2023 targets. It doesn't sound like far away anymore. On this occasion, I welcome all of you again. Bu

One of the citizens participating in the tour, Gürol Birkadeşler expressed his gratitude to the Municipality of Eyüp because of the visit and said, iden Konya, which is one of the beautiful provinces of our beautiful country, is a little lower than other provinces. Because they pronounce the same air with great individuals such as Tabrizi and Mevlana. I would like to thank our Mayor Mr. Remzi Aydın for organizing such an event and for thanking us for giving this place a visit. Böyle
After the visits to Karatay Madrasa and Tavus Baba Tombs, Eyüplüler who came to Konya Railway Station again took a souvenir photo in front of the garage and departed to İstanbul.

On the other hand, Eyüp Municipality made by the organization for the first time in Turkey 'Journey to the YHT Vuslat while over a thousand applicants 10 until today, it was learned on the trip will be continued on a regular basis.

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