Yeşilyurt Municipality Vehicle Support

Yeşilyurt Municipality Support Vehicle: Yeşilyurt Municipality has recently reinforced its vehicle fleet with its new 6 construction equipment.
In the statement made by Yeşilyurt Municipality, Yeşilyurt Municipality, which introduces 3 newly purchased backhoe loaders, 1 asphalt robot, 1 crane and 1 asphalt distributor, has increased the number of vehicles to 6 with a total of 38 new vehicles.
Yesilyurt Deputy Mayor Mehmet Cinar, who made a statement during the promotion of hunger in front of the Municipality service building opposite MAŞTİ, said, “As Yeşilyurt Municipality, we are strengthening our vehicle fleet every day. Apart from the vehicles we added to our machinery supply department last year, we have 6 arcs this year. We hope that these vehicles will have 3 backhoe loaders, 1 asphalt robot, 1 crane, 1 asphalt distributor, and we will strengthen our Yeşilyurt Science Works and offer faster, higher quality and more modern services to our people. I wish our vehicles to be beneficial to Yeşilyurt and Malatya. We aim to strengthen our vehicle fleet even further in the future. ”



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