Universities Winter Games will cheer Erzurum

University Winter Games in Erzurum will cheer: Turkey organized by the Federation of University Sports Ünilig Winter Sports Games, to be held in Erzurum between 11- 15th March.

A thousand students from 1 universities will participate in the 50st Unilig Winter Sports Games to be held in the fields of ski running, Alpine discipline, Sonwboard, Ice hockey, Curling, Shorrt Track (Speed ​​skating), Ice skating. In the races to be held in Palandöken Ski Center, Kandilli Ski facilities, Ice Hockey and Curling Halls, trophies and various gifts will be given to the athletes who will receive degrees. Sponsored by the Metropolitan Municipality, Atatürk University and Erzurum Technical University will support demonstrations in speed skating and figure skating during the Ünilig Winter Sports Games.

Turkey University Sports Federation Vice-President Prof. Dr. Kadirhan Sunguroğlu gave the following information:

"2011 World University Ünilig with the participation of universities in Turkey, where the Winter Games in Erzurum Winter Sports have organized the Games. University students will have the opportunity to compete in their favorite sports because of the Unilig Winter Sports Games, which coincides with the 97th anniversary of Erzurum's liberation from the occupation. We will host the administrators and students coming from universities in the Erzurum In-Service Training Institute facilities belonging to the Ministry of National Education. Bus services will be made every 2 hours to ensure that the athletes and managers staying in the facilities in Aziziye District are able to reach Erzurum. University lecturers and athletes will spend their time remaining from the races by visiting historical and touristic areas in the city center. Ünilig Winter Sports games will be an important event for the promotion of Erzurum and Winter Sports Center. ”