A first in Uludağ

A first in Uludag: A member of the Uludağ Mountaineering Club (ULUDAK), 4 made his first climb using the back line.

Climbers staying in the snow cave without opening a tent in the 2 day-long climb, breakfast brewed tea inside the cave. Uludag Mountain Climbing Club (ULUDAK) member of the 4 person, the first time in the winter period using the back line of Uludag climb from one start to another. The members of the mountaineer spent the night in a warm environment without a tent. The climbers who stayed here for two nights made breakfast by brewing tea inside the cave. The climbers who completed the 45 hour with the weather conditions allowed in the winter season, gave the first winter images of Uludağ's Kızyatağı hill back line.

ULUDAK President İsmet Şentürk stated that they wanted to realize this activity in ULUDAK's annual program and they were proud of achieving this success. When the weather went well beyond the forecasts, we had the opportunity to perform our activities. Although the winter conditions are very hard, Uludağ offers us many opportunities in terms of mountaineering. We spent days in the snow cave 2. We made our own brewed tea and breakfast with our own ingredients in the cave. Mağ



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