March snow rained in Uludağ

Uludağa March snowed: Fresh snow skiers delighted in Uludağ. In Uludağ, where the thickness of the snow exceeded 3 meters this year, snowfall, which was not seen at the beginning of March, finally came yesterday evening. The snow that started at midnight continued until the morning.

In Uludağ, where the roads saw the asphalt due to the lodos and sunny days, each side turned white in the morning. Hoteliers and ski enthusiasts, who received serious reservations for this weekend, were most pleased.

It was expected for mid-March, when the meteorology warned of cold weather and snowfall earlier in the week. While high parts of the Marmara Region are getting snowfall, Uludağ, which is 2 thousand 543 meters high, rained 10 centimeters last night. While the drivers who came to Uludağ cautiously had difficulties, the Highways teams started working with the first lights of the day. In Uludağ, the helipad in front of Monte Baia Hotel, which was used for patient transportation in emergency situations, was cleaned. Then, snow plowing works were carried out on the ring road of the hotels region where transportation will be provided for the Uludağ Economic Summit. Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan and other guests, who came to Uludağ yesterday for the summit, were happy to see a snow-covered summit in the morning.