Atatürk Airport will be closed when the third airport is opened

When the third airport is opened, the Atatürk Airport will be closed: the negative EIA reports, in spite of public objections, 3 which disrupts the ecological structure of Istanbul. the airport, "there is a need," he built the two of them at the same time can not work at the same time announced that they will close Ataturk Airport.
Turkish Airlines Chairman Hamdi Topçu said that Ataturk Airport will be closed when the third airport opened to Istanbul
Topçu said that the third airport would use the same airspace with Atatürk and it would be difficult for both sides to work.
Topçu said: “Atatürk Airport has started to be insufficient. Turkey aims to be a center for export 500 billion dollars. It is our disadvantage to have such an airport when we have such a claim. Ataturk Airport will be closed when the new airport is built. Because the same airspace will be used. The two airports are difficult to operate at the same time. The airport, which will be built in Istanbul, will be able to carry a passenger like 150 million if all phases are finished. This means being the largest airport in the world. The airport, which currently has the highest passenger capacity in the world, is Atlanta. 90 carries millions of passengers. I hope this will be past. İn
Artillery, in their objections against the construction of the third airport in June the rebels "who do not want Turkey to strengthen leg games of the lobby," he accused.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:04

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