giant projects in Turkey continues to attract attention

giant projects in Turkey continues to attract attention: 3rd airport, 3rd bridge, the giant projects such as a 3-storey Istanbul continues to attract the attention of Europe. The giant projects received the latest praise from Tosterud, President of the European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association. Tosterud, "We are watching with admiration practices in Turkey," he said.

President of the Concrete Association in Istanbul Stein Tosterud, talking about the development of projects in Turkey and that Turkey turned their eyes on what they did, he said.

According to the news of Star Newspaper; 3. airport constructed by Turkey, 3. projects such as bridge and tunnel attracts the attention of Europe. The European Ready-Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) came to Istanbul to hold the board meeting and to examine the giant projects on site.

  1. Bridges and 3. Airport tour before Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association Chairman Yavuz meet the press together with light European Ready Mixed Concrete Association (ERMCO) President Stein Tosterud rapid development of ready-mixed concrete sector in Turkey and successful applications, he said admiringly that they follow.

Big projects have an impact

Tosterud rapid development in recent years, noting that Turkey observed "This development includes the impact of the major projects implemented. But the country's development of ready-mixed concrete sector in önemli.türkiye also adapt to development, "he said.

Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association Chairman Yavuz Light ready-mixed concrete is the European leader in Turkey, while pointing out that 3 takes place in the world ", the construction sector is the locomotive of Turkey's economy. Growing and developing several infrastructure investments made in Turkey.

The world's eyes will be on Turkey

The world's largest airport is being built at the heart of Turkey in Istanbul. Many new investments such as the three-storey tube passage construction and the third bridge are being implemented. All these developments are most commonly used as one of the country's next 3-5 year period it indicates that Turkey is ready mixed concrete. The eyes of both the world and Europe will be on us ”.

Light, European Ready Mixed Concrete Association of June 3 4-5 years held a convention in 2015 held in Istanbul stating that "congress result of intensive work we brought to Turkey after 20 years. 250 participants, 400 of which are foreigners, will come ”.

The lifetime of concrete was increased to 150 year

Yavuz Işık said that as a result of the R&D studies carried out on concrete, the life of concrete has been extended. “The 50-year life span of concrete has now reached up to 150 years with various chemical additives,” said Işık.

Regarding the 'bubble' discussions in the Işık housing sector, he said, “There is no exaggerated growth in construction. Turkey grew 4.5 percent average growth in the construction sector in recent years has remained below average, "he said. Işık also stated that he does not expect a downward trend in housing sales in the next period.

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