All railways will be released to Ankara

All railways will go to Ankara: The National Strategy for Regional Development, which aims to increase the accessibility of cities, plans to build Ankara's high-speed train center. North-south and east-west line will be connected to the new train lines will be connected to Ankara.

Ankara will be turned into a high speed train center in line with the Regional Development National Strategy prepared under the coordination of the Ministry of Development. Along the Istanbul-Antalya transportation corridor, high-standard railway lines will be established that connect the metropolitan cities and the cities around the metropolitan cities with the provinces of tourism quality. Railway connections will be strengthened along the northeast-southeast axis. Ankara will be the high speed train center and high speed train connections will be provided between the metropolitan areas. Important ports, especially ports such as Çandarlı and Filyos, will be integrated into the national transportation network.


Along the transportation corridors of Kars-Erzurum-Sivas-Ankara-Istanbul-Edirne axis and Samsun-Antalya, Samsun-Mersin-Iskenderun, Istanbul-Antalya, metropolises and provinces with prominent tourism characteristics will be integrated into high-standard railway lines. First of all, transport networks will be strengthened along the north-south transport corridors, linking metropolises, production centers and tourism cities. With the growth focus of the metropolitan cities, these focal points will be developed with the cities where industrial development has begun. Transportation facilities will be improved between the regional attraction centers and the nearby settlements.


Cross-flights will be encouraged between the provinces with appropriate infrastructure to reduce the costs incurred in Istanbul and Ankara flights by increasing the accessibility of cities. Regional airline management will be strengthened in order to shift domestic passenger transportation to the airline, which is a safer transportation type. Rail connections will be established and strengthened in order to increase accessibility with the important airports of metropolises and tourism cities, and international airports, which are considered suitable, will be connected to the high-speed train system.

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