They use the railway as a passage

They use the railway as a passage: In Yoncalı District of Kütahya Center, farmers disregard their lives and use the railway as a passage.

Kütahya spring season with the tractor that opened the season with the tractor makes an invitation to the dangerous journey accidents. Instead of using the roads to reach their fields, the farmers passed by on the grounds that they were close and said, tehlikeli We compete in time because of the dangerous and wrong things we do but the days are short.

Our fields have to sow our crops in different places before it rains and the period is over, so we have to cross the railroads although they are dangerous. Sav Tractor accident in Turkey where most of the world, the authorities are expected to take measures to prevent the implementation of new accidents.

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  1. The danger is a tana, which in the meantime is a behavior that smells the railroad superstructure, that is, damages the national wealth! As a solution, there are only two ways: (a) increasing the number of crossings according to regional intensity, (b) strictly prohibiting these transitions and strictly enforcing the sanctions of this ban. Afterwards, (c) inevitably the awareness-raising work… But unfortunately, because the song is mindful, it will still try to escape at the first opportunity!