Train reacts hard

Rigid reaction to train voyage arrangements: İZBAN, TCDD 3. In a letter sent to the Regional Directorate, he asked for the reorganization of the train routes. Commenting on the subject, the Railroad Machinists Association said, daha Our people will be able to reach the city center by making three transfers in a longer time with more wages Konu.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways and İzmir was founded by Metropolitan Municipality in partnership İZBAN, TCDD connected Ödemiş and Tire in the morning hours between 07.00-09.00 train, evening the hours of the request do not enter Basmane between 17.00-19.00 TCDD 3. He wrote in a post to the Regional Directorate. According to this document, trains running at specified times will come back to Torbalı and return to where they left off.

”Will İZBAN be discarded? AC

According to this regulation, citizens who use the trains moving at specified times will be able to reach to the city center by transferring from Torbalı to İZBAN. The Association of Railroad Machinery Engineers said that this arrangement was made with the aim of leaving the railway monopoly of İZBAN. The association stated that it is not a problem at the time of the arrangement and that this is only the beginning stage and all the voyages in the future may be left to monopoly of İZBAN.


The statement of the association is as follows: ım With the taxes taken from our people, the railway to serve our people is unfortunately left to the monopoly of İZBAN. TCDD trains and their staff are expected to be removed from the Torbalı-Basmane line in the first stage. Thousands of railway workers and family will be affected and TCDD will be removed from the line which is the most profitable. Our people will reach the Basmane Station with three more transfers in longer time. In this context, we have to warn all non-governmental organizations and TCDD officials, İzmir's district municipalities and passengers. Let's take our train. Let's not leave Basmane Station to its fate. Bas

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