Complete murder for Tram Izmir

Tramway is a complete murder for Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department, Hanefi Caner, who said that the Konak tram line was on the agenda before but could not get a report, claimed that the line that will extend from Mithatpaşa Street to Halkapınar will lock the city center.

Hanefi Caner, former head of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System Department, said that the tram project would be a complete murder for Izmir. Caner said that the 2014-kilometer Konak tram line, which Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started its works by delivering the place to the contractor company in July 12.6, was on the agenda before, but could not get a report, and claimed that the tram line that will extend from Mithatpaşa Street to Halkapınar will lock the city center. . Caner said, "This will be a complete murder," and proposed a subway project to reach Halkapınar under Alsancak instead of the tram line.
Divides Mithatpaşa
Hanefi Caner, who made the floating engineering success Konak Metro Station and made the station a subject of lessons in universities in Munich, said, “Even now, there are tradesmen and NGOs who are aware of the situation. The tram project is an extremely dangerous and wrong project that will completely lock and stop the motor vehicle traffic in Gümrük, Architect Kemalettin, Necatibey Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Square and Alsancak.
Caner said that the Metropolitan Municipality had 1990 feasibility studies for the Konak tram from 2003 to 3, saying, “It is extremely wrong to buy a tram to Mithatpaşa Street. There are 3 feasibility studies that we had once done in that region while I was working in the Metropolitan Municipality. The project was abandoned when the tram line did not receive a consent report. Now, years later, I don't understand why Mithatpaşa Street came back to the agenda. "This is a project that will completely divide and lock that area."

"Metro project solves the problem for 100 years"
Caner said that the Metropolitan Municipality should give up on the Konak tram project without wasting time, and that Izmir has developed a metro project that will radically solve the traffic problem against the tram. Caner said, “The underground metro in Konak will go to Konak, Gümrük, Mimar Kemalettin Caddesi, Necatibey Boulevard, St. Polikarp Church, Şevket Özçelik Caddesi, Şehit Nevres and Vasıf Çınar Boulevard, intersection, Plevne and Dr. Mustafa Enver Bey Caddesi, in front of Sevinç Patisserie, and Talatpaşa Boulevard, Şehitler Caddesi and Halkapınar stations and eliminate the traffic problem by going underground. We propose a great project that will completely solve the traffic in the most critical and busiest region of Izmir. "With this project, the traffic problem of Izmir city center will be solved for 100 years rather than producing a fragmented project." Stating that the general elections are approaching, Caner said, "I guarantee that the people who will be the representatives of İzmir will embrace this project of İzmir with full hands and this will be the biggest sacrifice they will make to İzmir and if they do, their names will not be forgotten for years."

He will be referred to as the "failed president"
Stating that after the completion of the Konak line of the tram project, Aziz Kocaoğlu will be remembered as a president who created a very wrong and bad project in the history of Izmir, and said, “Their practices so far are not positive at all. Nobody, including his own party, thinks positively. I guess there will be an unforgettable evil to İzmir. We have said this many times and still continue to say that the tender should be abandoned immediately, ”he said.

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