Gaziantep's eye traffic problem

Traffic problem in the eyes of the people of Gaziantep: Citizens, whose opinions we received about the traffic problem in Gaziantep, said, “If the municipality is interested in the roads as well as the pavements, it will take an important step in the solution of the problem. Sidewalks are constantly being built. Sidewalks are widening, roads are getting narrower. Parkomats and tram traffic ruined. " They made your comment.

After Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality once again put the traffic problem on the table, we asked the question of what should be done to solve the traffic problem.

Citizens, Syrian plate vehicles, parking problems, the problem created by the trolley, the shortage of roads such as voicing difficulties, voiced their solution proposals.

Citizens, who offered various proposals, such as opening new lower and upper gates, restricting access to the city center and expanding the roads, noted what should be done as soon as possible.

Here is the problem of citizens and the solution of traffic problems:

Mustafa Bayar said, bir Gaziantep cannot achieve a healthy and systematic growth. The increasing population and the increase of the vehicles in parallel with this is far beyond the capacity of the roads. The city is now on the verge of bankruptcy. Traffic alone is a big deal. In this city, the sidewalks are too large. What is the new administration of the metropolitan municipality doing other than removing and installing stones? On top of that, the Syrians do not know the rules of traffic in a situation that makes this work in a situation. As a matter of urgency, it is necessary to take precautions against Syrian vehicles. Acil

Mahmut Hengirmen said, Mahmut It should provide a limitation to private cars. Especially one person should not drive. City center to enter the fee should be charged. There are examples of this in the world. For example, in New York City, vehicles enter the city center. In addition, public transport should be preferred by citizens. The municipality should work on traffic. Stone asphalt and asphalt is not a municipality. A look at the road works that do not bring any benefit to relieve the traffic. Expanding roads is another measure. Yol

Ahmet Öztürk; “Enough of the ways you care about the sidewalks. The pavement work in this city never ends. They're constantly breaking and paving the pavements. The roads are narrow and the sidewalks are wide. It is not possible to get out of the traffic by these narrow roads. Bu

Ömer Özaslan said, yeterince Since there is not enough parking in the multi-storey buildings, all the vehicles are parked out. This increases the traffic distress. A new zoning plan is a must in this city. The municipality has made the intersection of the intersections what a smart intersection? Belediye

Osman Işıklar said, traf Before a tram is made to Gaziantep traffic, look at it now. The trolley ruined this city. If possible, the tram should be under the ground. The shortage of parking in this city is too much. And the underpass is so little that the underpass is essential. Get her head up and down the street in town. New and wide roads should be made. Yeni

Harun İkibudak, eski Old cars should be withdrawn from the traffic. Each family should only use one car. People should be on public transport. The municipality should try to solve this situation within its own structure by increasing the number of its own buses and not delivering the citizens to the private public buses. At the same time, public transport prices should be reduced. Aynı

Vakkas Güzel (Taxi Driver), ın For the relief of the traffic in Gaziantep, firstly the workers' services and minibuses belonging to the factories should not enter the city center due to the narrow roads. In an environment where the large buses of the metropolitan municipality has become inevitable traffic. And most importantly, it is necessary to remove the parkomats on the roads and not to park in those areas. Ve

Sait Turgut, “Ways to expand. Tilmen hotel should be demolished. Underpasses and overpasses should be built there. Underpasses and overpasses should be built in Gaziantep. Gaziantep

Savaş Külekçi, lar Roads should be made wide. Current paths cannot remove vehicles and traffic. At least the intersection crossings of the tram should be from the bottom or top. The biggest problem is due to trams. At the same time parked on the road, this is another problem. It is necessary to prevent parking in a systematic way. Motorcycles also a separate distress for the traffic especially in the only direction in the opposite direction of the engines come from the opposite direction increases the risk of both citizens and traffic is hampering. Motosiklet

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