Riding a bicycle on the snow

They climbed to Uludag with the cable car and Ride on the Snow: Bicycle lovers residing in various regions of Istanbul and Bursa climb Uludağ by cable car and cycle on the snow.

The members of the Uludağ Downhill Cycling Group, who wanted to experience adrenalin in Uludağ, a center of nature and winter tourism, had the pleasure of driving with their specially equipped bikes. With the construction of the world's longest ropeway, 22 was able to enjoy the sport they had made.

Cyclists, who did not neglect to take security measures, were driving in hotels. Cyclists, who were driving between holidaymakers and skiers, were enjoying Uludağ. After riding a bike 2 meter in the difficult course, he lost his balance and fell to the ground. As soon as they got off the ropeway, the group did not neglect to take every moment with the action camera they wore to their helmets.

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