Single bacaka skiing perseverance

Determination to ski on one leg: Feyyaz Gözaçık, who achieved success in the field of sports with one leg, has now started skiing in Erciyes Ski Center. Open eyes; He is engaged in both amputee football and swimming.

Amputee national team, Kayseri Handicapped Youth and Sports Club Amputee football team and the Youth and Sports Service Provincial Directorate of swimming coaches who work as a swimming coach Feyyaz Gözaçık, now Erciyes Ski Center began to deal with ski sport. Gözüaçık stated that he was forced by the lack of material, he said:

“Although I was born without a right leg, I never broke off from sports. I have never embittered life. I have been involved in football, swimming and many sports. In 2012, I was invited to the Amputee National Team in 2012 and became national numerous times. This time I got interested in skiing. I do this winter sport, where even healthy people have difficulty, with one leg. Since I love sports, I try to do every branch of sports in the branches that I am talented for. First of all, citizens congratulated me when I skied with one foot on Mount Erciyes. I want the Amputee Ski national team to be created. As a disabled individual, I want our other disabled individuals to do sports and to be in all branches of sports.

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