TCDD Women's Platform Organized International Women's Day (Photo Gallery)

TCDD Women's Platform Organized an Event on International Women's Day: The TCDD Women's Platform organized an event at the Tower Restaurant for the women of the railroad for the 8 March International Women's Day.

TCDD Women's Platform President Zeynep Nuray Ökmen said that women strive to ensure that statistics are kept on behalf of every March 8 and not forgotten on March 9, and said: “The woman is always the heart of the eye, the lifeblood of life. It is indispensable for the continuation of humanity. The troublemaker of the greatest troubles is the hero behind the greatest happiness. Woman; It is a ruby ​​that takes the eyes with pearl gloss at the bottom of the sea. Those who are happy about the little things, are also happy to remember that they are happy. The woman is mother, she helps. It is more than life that stands upright against those who value their value. There are not only men, but women in this world. So the value of women should be known and they should be given due attention. On this occasion, we once again commemorate the Great Leader Atatürk, who gives the Turkish woman the value she deserves in society, with gratitude and gratitude. God rest the soul"

Öktem thanked everyone who supported the TCDD Women's Platform and called on all railway women to support the work of the Platform.

He was the founder and chairman of the Department of Medical Ethics and History of Medicine at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine and also the director of the Center for Research and Application of Women's Issues. Nesrin ÇOBANOĞLU gave examples from women's stories she encountered due to her profession.

ÇOBANOĞLU, women's economic, psychological, etc. She said that she was subjected to pressures and deprived of her education. She said women should come together and strive to strengthen their place in society.

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