Ömer Yıldız was appointed as TCDD General Manager

Ömer Yıldız was appointed as the General Director of TCDD.

He began his new position on 6 March 2015 and served as General Manager at İstanbul Ulaşım AŞ.


Born in Trabzon in 1960, Ömer YILDIZ graduated from ITU Mechanical Engineering Faculty Department of Aircraft Engineering in 1982. He worked as a Research Assistant at Uludağ University Engineering Faculty between 1983-1984. He worked at the University of Michigan Department of Space and Aviation between 1985-1993. He worked in ITU Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics between 1994-1997.

Having a long-term work experience in the transportation sector, Ömer YILDIZ has worked on Rail Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems. Ömer YILDIZ, who worked as an Assistant General Manager at Istanbul Transportation Inc., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, between 1997-2005, worked as an Assistant General Manager at İSBAK A.Ş. between 2005-2007. Ömer YILDIZ, who was appointed as the General Manager of Istanbul Transportation Inc. in 2007, continued this duty until March 2015.

Ömer YILDIZ, who is involved in the management of rail system projects in Istanbul with the first local tram esi RTE 2000 Ulaşım and the “Istanbul Tramway Project ine, which has been mass-produced in 2014 It has received.

His areas of expertise include; Flight Mechanics, Guidance and Control, Remote Sensing and Satellite Data Analysis, Intelligent Transport Systems, Computer Networks and Control Systems.

Ömer YILDIZ is married and has children of 3.

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  1. There is no person in the TCDD who will be a deputy director or a member of the Board of Directors. So, the appointed general manager, his assistants, members of the board and some of the heads of departments are always coming from the outside. .. this practice weakens the organization, lowers the productivity, kills the employee, the institution loses credibility.