A college student who killed an 4 person on a commuter train in Taiwan

Kill a person on a suburban train in the colony
Kill a person on a suburban train in the colony

The execution of a university student who killed 4 people in a suburban train in Taiwan: Last year in Taiwan, a student who killed four passengers in a suburban train was sentenced to death. Taiwanese media has made it an analogy to "student from hell" for the university student Cheng.

In the case held in Taipei, Taiwan's capital, on May 21, last year, a college student, Çeng Çieh, who attacked the passengers with a knife in a suburban train in the capital city, was killed and killed 22 people.

Of the district court sözcüLien Yu-chyun said that 21-year-old Zeng was "difficult to reform."

Before the attack, Çeng Çieh wrote in his message published on the Social Media Site Facebook page that he wanted to do something very big.

The newspaper "Apple Daily" wrote before the decision that Cheng did not care about the possibility of being sentenced to death.

In the country, Çeng, who some call him "a trash from hell," has the right to appeal the decision.

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