Improvisation- Kabataş Funicular Flights Return to Normal

Improvisation- Kabataş Funicular Expeditions Returned to Normal: Taksim- Kabataş It was announced that the flights canceled due to the technical malfunction in the Funicular Line around 08.00:XNUMX am started again.

Especially, the fact that the funicular line, which enables the citizens coming to the European side from the Anatolian side of the city to the European side to reach Taksim and the metro system, and therefore experienced great intensity in the morning, was disrupted. Additional bus services were started due to malfunction. Security guards at the station said “there is a malfunction” and directed the citizens to buses. Citizens who want to take the Taksim bus filled the bus. Some citizens had a hard time when the bus doors were closed.

IMM officials said in the statement, about 5 hours of technical malfunctions and expeditions were reported to return to normal.



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