State Railways Live the Golden Age

State Railways are experiencing the Golden Age: Yunus Yesilyurt, the manager of the State Railways Erzurum, said that in 2014, 121 has traveled with State Railways.

Yunus Yesilyurt, the manager of the State Railways Erzurum Operation, said that in 2014 121 a thousand passengers traveled with State Railways.

Expressing that the quality of service on Railways has been increasing every year, State Railways Erzurum operation manager Yunus Yeşilyurt said that there has been a significant increase in the number of passengers carrying compared to previous years. Yeşilyurt said, “As State Railways, we transported one hundred 2014 thousand passengers in 21. When we look at the number of passengers, we can say that there is a significant increase in the number of those who prefer the railway. State Railways is experiencing its golden age this year. Our people's interest in the train is reviving. There is a significant increase in the number of passenger transport compared to previous years. State Railways are among the first choice of citizens, especially in the summer. We do our best to provide quality service to our citizens who tell us that the safest journey passes through the railway. With the coming of the high speed train to our city in the following years, there will be an explosion in the journey by train. ” said.


State Railways Erzurum, which stated that it is among the first choice of passengers, is the economic and reliable travel by train, Yunus Yeşilyurt said. Yeşilyurt said, “In the past, only university students and low-income citizens preferred trains. Nowadays, citizens from bureaucrats and politicians, in short, prefer the train route. The demand for the railway is increasing. The railway is in great demand because it is economical and reliable. Railways made great progress in the first years of the republic and important steps were taken in the period of Atatürk. On this day, efforts are made for the development of iron paths. After the studies, people will be able to go where they want to go in a shorter time and more comfortably. ”

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