Turkey Ski Federation President, Benefits, Not Recognized at the World Ski Camia

Skiing Federation president Benefits Turkey, Not Recognized at the World Ski Camia: Ski Federation president Benefits Turkey, the world ski community unknown Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits, said the recognition by the international sporting world ski community of which have no success in Turkey.

Turkey Ski Federation President, Benefits, unknown in the world of ski community

Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) President Erol Benefits, said that no international sporting success is not recognized by Turkey to the world ski community. Emphasizing that the 79-year federation has done nothing to leave a mark in the world in the history of skiing, Yarar stated that the World Universities Winter Games, which we hosted for the 2011th time in 25, are not included in the International Ski Federation.

Erol Yarar, who explained what he did individually in the 10 months that he took office in the press conference held at Dedeman Ski Lodge on Palandöken Mountain, criticized the past management. They gathered the first people to ski community of over 300 when they came Position the first ski workshop in Turkey make expressing TKF President Erol Benefits, these workshops at 348 athletes, 559 families and 229 the perception of skiing on vatadaş reported that they did research to detect. Stating that they have been traveling home for 6 months and exploring what the athlete, their parents and people who are not about skiing are thinking about this sport, President Yarar said:

We conducted a study as no federation in Turkey and soon we will share the results of this work with the public. We attended the 49th International Ski Federation (FIS) congress in Barcelona. Sad to say the world ski scene we witnessed Turkey's recognition. Because we do not have an international athletic success and organization. Universiade games are not an international ski federation organization. This is an organization not recognized by the world. A winter game called the sixth level. We wanted the championship to Europe and the World and it was approved. But the budget shortage appeared. We do not have such a budget. But we came to the local government, the municipalities and the ministry, so we managed to get a world and European cup after 3 months. We had the European cup in Kayseri. Made in Istanbul in Turkey, including 40 meters high and 110 meters long build a giant ramp, we realized the 420 tons of artificial snow yağdırarak FIS Snowboard World Cup. It was watched by 200 million people with live broadcasts. We're promoting the Istanbul & Turkey.


President Erol Yarar, who told them that the duty came to work the non-working ski jumping towers and the athletes started training here, said that the runway collapsed due to mistakes in the construction application and the designs. Benefits, continued as follows

Unfortunately, there was a dent on the tracks in the towers during the training period. Feeling this and stopping the training prevented the disaster. In my meeting with the Ministry, it is stated that ski jumping towers will be completed by the end of August. They work meticulously so that there is no collapse again. The repair is carried out by the ministry. After crashing in their towers in ski jumping, we have always worked abroad and achieved a great success. Samet Karta came first in the FIS competition. All three of our athletes succeeded in entering the top 20. Because we started working with the best in the world. I hope we will hear more success stories.


Federation of Skiing in Turkey 'S8' and called for a ski magazine reminiscent of the interest they offer for sale Benefits from 8 pounds, 80 years of imported clothes skier stressed that they now begin to produce more quality in Turkey. They put 2026 Olympiad in Turkey's agenda, 'Come on Children Mountain' project with 15 thousand children ski Introduces they pointing TKF President Erol Benefits, Palandöken in Erzurum and Konakli Ski Center on the scope of privatization Metropolitan said he should be transferred to municipalities. He added that Turkey's macro-ski enjoy benefits plan, he mentioned that found themselves in the open court about the previous management and investigation. Yarar spoke as follows

The past administration will account for eight years. 125 million liras money from the state in the past management of the area when we take over 4.5 million pounds were debt. I don't want to talk about the things that went into law. They're gonna pay for this. Such events make us sad. These are the subjects that shade the skiing. We need to talk about success and medals, not corruption.

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