A ski simulation center will be established in Sivas

A ski simulation center will be established in Sivas: It has been reported that a "ski simulation center" will be established in the Children's Play Library, which is under construction in Sivas.

In his written statement, the Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration, Salih Ayhan, stated that at the season opening of the Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, they started work for the establishment of the ski simulation center, which was brought to the agenda by the Minister of National Defense İsmet Yılmaz.

Stating that they started work after Minister Yılmaz stated that he would support the project, Ayhan said:

"Mr. Minister Ismet Yilmaz in accordance with the instructions, we have done research in Turkey for skiing simulation center. Where there are examples, how it was made, our friends presented us a report about it. In the Children's Play Library we have built, we will design 3-4 rooms as a simulation section and have carried out another important work on behalf of winter sports. In this way, we will make our Children's Game Library meaningful and we will instill ski culture in our children. Here, first of all, we will give theoretical information and try to provide its practice in Yıldız Mountain. I hope this study will be the first and perhaps will be an application example in ski resorts in Turkey. We will have established a system that will meet the need in Sivas very easily. "

Ayhan, the ongoing construction of the Children's Game Library will be completed this year, he said.

Noting that they observed that there was an intense interest in skiing in Sivas after the season opening at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center, Ayhan emphasized that it was revealed that the facilities built on Yıldız Mountain were not idle investments.

“We have an idea to establish a snow academy (ski school). We will make Sivas Special Provincial Administration Sports Club active. Our Cumhuriyet University continues its studies on the high altitude center. First of all, we think that there is such a ski center, the ski infrastructure is ready, our children feel this interest, and then an educational program is needed ”.