Sekapark-Otogar tram line will be demolished for 7 building

The 7 building will be demolished for the Sekapark-Otogar tram line: The expropriation process on the tram between Sekapark-Otogar continues. We are negotiating for the 7 building that is planned to be demolished.

13 will be demolished in April and the 7 building will be demolished on the Izmit Tram line, which is planned to be laid before the elections. Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Tahir Büyükakın, located on the route of the tram project, the hotel in the Asian region 7 decision of the expropriation of the building from Parliament, said that the negotiations with the owners of the building continued. Büyükakın said, de We want to complete the expropriation process until the basis for the tramway is laid. Büyük

In the meantime, the Metropolitan Municipality, the current governor's office is ready to break down as soon as the discharge. The opening of the new governor's office will probably hang in May. Secretary General Büyükakın, "The governor's office is empty as soon as the current building will demolish," he said.

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