The construction of the metrobus road in Sanliurfa

The construction of the metrobus road in Sanliurfa is under way: after the work on the upper and lower parts of the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Akkarabah, Hashimiye and Divanyolu Street, the metrobus road was completed and the works on the Atatürk Boulevard were completed.

On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality of BRT (Metrobüs System) road from the Covered Passage in the direction of Ataturk Bulvari Metropolitan Municipality, also by taking the fiber internet lines underground, transportation and science work teams continue to work in the region without interruption.

Covered from the Covered Passage to the Old Vilayet Square, the Metropolitan Municipality teams aimed to accelerate the flow of traffic by narrowing the middle refuges without touching the trees, and by allowing the fiber internet line to be laid down from the middle median to the ground without hampering the flow of traffic, it also allowed new traffic flows.

Karakoyun Business Center (Ahmet Bahçıvan) under the new traffic arrangement that provides access to the tunnel under the structure of the Department of Science Affairs teams, weighting the work on the street, asphalt, pavement and curb accelerated the work.

From the Cemre facilities to Haleplibahçe, the system will be completed in the coming days and will be offered to the public.

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