Sakarya aims to become a logistics base

Sakarya aims to become a logistics base: Sakarya, where the railroad and the roads connected with the Bosphorus Bridge intersect, will take its place in the logistics sector.

Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) Chairman Mahmut Kösemusul said that logistics sector will be even more important for Sakarya. .


Speaking at the program organized in SATSO with the participation of representatives of the transporters and logistics sector in cooperation with the European Union Business Development Centers (ABİGEM), Kösemusul said that they would work with the Governorate, Sakarya University, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and related organizations to increase the share of Sakarya in the logistics sector and training programs.

“Logistics will be even more important for Sakarya, Kö said Kösemusul.“ Sakarya, where Karasu Port, railway for transportation and Bosphorus Bridge intersect, will take its place in an ever increasing amount in this economy ”.

Maltepe University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of International Trade and Logistics Management Professor. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş in Turkey in recent years, "Transport" sector, known as the voiced true exchange program monitored the logistics sector.


732 thousand trucks in Turkey, 150 60 thousand and thousand international tr tr no Tanyaş striking, given that the figures stressed that just about road transport.

Tanyaş said, taşımacılık In the logistics sector, transportation by air and sea is gaining great importance as well as highways transportation, and concluded his words as follows: ”Logistics management brings strong integration with land, sea and airways. It is important to diversify the supply chain according to customer demand. If you cannot diversify, you will either lose customers or subcontract. It should not only carry out transportation but also warehouse and warehouse works. In addition to the transportation and distribution of the product, it is also important to provide services in the field of product procurement at an international level, in order to ensure that the customer can communicate with the single company. You must be able to collect all customer requests. Logistics starts here. So the customer 'bring the panel, take the door' understanding. The essence of the work is to recognize the product. You should analyze what product, under which conditions, how long you can transport it and how to protect it. ”



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