They read a book on a nostalgic tram

They read a book on the Nostalgic tram: a group of 51s coming together in Beyoğlu Tünel Square. During the Library Week, he marched to Galatasaray Square accompanied by a band.

Some young people read the book on the nostalgic tram.

Librarians Association of Turkey, 51. The Library Week organized an event. As part of the event, approximately 100 people gathered in Beyoğlu Tünel Square and marched to Galatasaray Square. In the meantime, the symbol of Beyoğlu reading the book on the nostalgic tram young people drew attention.

Galatasaray Square on behalf of the group's description Turkey Librarians Association Istanbul Branch Chairman Mustafa Ozyurek made. Özyürek, “51. We have started our week with our opening week at Library Week. This year's theme is intercultural dialogue and libraries. Assign more young people who are graduates of information and document management to libraries, archives, information and document centers,.



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