No escalator crash if periodic checks were done

If there were periodic checks, there would be no escalator accident: The escalator accident in the subway brought the hearts of the people of Izmir to his mouth. The agency announced that the cause of the accident was “not fully understood”. Engineers said kaza there would be no accidents if periodic checks were made ”

14 people were injured when the escalator suddenly started to work in the opposite direction at the Üçyol station of the İzmir Metro and the accident caused hundreds of thousands of people to use the metro. Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (MMO) Izmir Branch, said in a statement, accidents can be prevented by periodic checks said. Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Dogan and Konak District Chairman Temel Yildirim also called on Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu to consider warnings. MMO Izmir Branch teams in the accident after the examination made by the chamber, the statement said, “the gearbox moving the moving gear as a result of the breakdown of the gear, but this type of escalator, there is an auxiliary brake system slides down uncontrolled it is understood to cause injuries ”.

In addition to the periodic maintenance of elevators and escalators, there is no indication that periodic control is required to be performed at least once a year. Ada It is estimated that the periodic controls of the escalator are not performed. Even if the broken gear could not be detected beforehand due to faulty manufacturing or material fatigue, the accident could have been prevented by detecting that there was no compulsory auxiliary brake system on such escalators if annual inspections had been made ”. AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Doğan conveyed their wishes to get injured in the accident, and invited President Aziz Kocoğlu to sensitize for a disaster. Doganoglu said that he had not taken into consideration the warnings that Kocaoglu had made so far. While the subway was still under construction, it started to give negative signals. METU experts' reports that draw attention to the risk of life safety in the subway were not taken into consideration by Kocaoğlu. ” AK Party Izmir deputy Ali Aşlık, without experiencing the consequences of the implementation of the project, said the subway, "They do not know how to make the subway," he said.

Dogan, Göztepe Station 4 output of one of the infrastructure costs met despite the claims of reminding that the reminding, Kocaoglu'ndan expect to clarify these issues, he said. Dogan said that the transfer of transportation puts a load on the rail system and added: “The transfer system is still suffering from Izmir. With this system, the rail system is overloaded. However, the existing rail system in Izmir does not remove this burden and the citizens are victimized. Kul

AK Party Konak District Chairman Temel Yildirim said that he wished that the problems in the subway would be limited to the escalator and said: “Because there are serious allegations about the subway. Your newspaper has reports by presenting reports. Metropolitan Municipality should take these claims seriously. Indirect transport led people to the rail system. Because the new system tortures the citizen. The transfer system is frustrated by the citizen. Metro and İzban's density has increased. In order to avoid such accidents, it is necessary to attack the press organizations that include the opinions of the experts and to take them into consideration instead of criticizing them yapmak.

On the other hand, İzmir Metro AŞ said in a statement, “26 February Thursday at 17.22 Üçyol Station The escalator of the exit of the square has been moving downwards instead of upwards while there are passengers on it and caused the passengers to fall down as a result of losing their balance. With the suspicion of injury at the first time 15 passengers were immediately shipped to hospitals in ambulances. According to the information obtained about 2 hours after the incident, only the elderly 1 passenger in Bozyaka hospital had a broken arm in another passenger and all passengers sent to other hospitals with suspicion of injury were sent to their homes with outpatient intervention. The requirements of our injured passengers will be done by our company. The technical investigations related to the incident are carried out in detail by the prosecution office, our company and the responsible maintenance company. Ild

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