Students lived in Çanakkale spirit on the street with oratorio, tramvayda folk songs

The students lived in Çanakkale spirit on the street with oratorio and tramvayda folk music. year commemorated a different event. The oratorio, which the students exhibited both on the street and on the tram, was followed with interest by the citizens.

Rooted Education and Culture Association member university students met in front of the Bürüngüz Mosque in Cumhuriyet Square. Among the curious look of the citizens, the students staged the oratorio called arasında Fire of Freedom Öğ. The students accompanied the saz and guitar, performed memories of the battle of Çanakkale, poetry and folk songs. About the 1 hour-long event, especially the martyrs of the audience was touched by the audience. Some of the citizens were sitting on the benches and some of them followed the event. At the end of the street program, citizens applauded their students standing.

The group then got on the tram. There too, among the curious gaze of the citizens, they performed folk songs about the eri Çanakkale Victory ğinde and the eş martyrs ş accompanied by the guitar and guitar. Both on the street and on the tram, a large number of citizens took photos and video footage on their mobile phones.

Speaking about the two programs, the head of the Culture and Art Commission of Kökbir Education and Culture Association Selman Ağtaş, this year, the 100. It reminded me it was the year. Young people, as they want to commemorate Çanakkale Victory in public squares with people instead of halls, Ağtaş said that the event reached its goal. Ağtaş thanked everyone who followed them.


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