Metrobus cruising in Istanbul caught fire (Video)

Metrobus cruising in Istanbul caught fire: Metrobus burned in flame! A fire broke out in a metrobus in Istanbul Sirinevler. As a result of the fire, smoke covered the sky.

Near the Şirinevler stop, the fire engine of fire on a motorbike in the part of a metrobus, the fire crews intervened. After about half an hour of work, the fire was extinguished. It was seen that only the skeleton of the metrobus remained after the cooling works.

In the statement made by IETT, it was stated that the fire in the metrobus was noticed immediately and the passengers were unloaded from the vehicle and said, “No passenger was harmed. After the technical examination about the cause of the fire, information will be made. “Get well soon” was said to all our passengers.

Metrobus, the cooling machine was withdrawn after work with the machine.


Metrobus expeditions due to fire were stopped for a while. Citizens walk the path of the BRT, tried to reach their destination.

The E-5 highway was also closed down to two-way vehicle traffic until the fire was extinguished. For this reason, there were several kilometers of vehicles on the highway.

Eyewitnesses said, “When the smell started to come from the engine part of the metrobus going towards Avcılar, the driver took the passengers at the Şirinevler stop. The fire in the engine compartment of the evacuated metrobus surrounded the entire metrobus in a short time with the effect of the wind ”.



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