Emergency drills in the Marmaras

Emergency drills were carried out on Marmaray: 1 on Marmaray lines. Emergency Department drills were conducted by the Regional Directorate.

In Marmaray Emergency - Failure and Normal case scenario drills that are held regularly every month in Marmaray, the compatibility of 2 mobile fire trucks that can go both on land and on the rail, which are taken by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality this month, were tested. In the exercise, which was carried out successfully, efforts were made to increase and strengthen the mobility of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade teams in Marmaray Tube-Tunnel.

On the European side, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality fire brigade consisting of 20 people was examined by a fire response vehicle between Kazlıçeşme and Üsküdar. On the Anatolian side of the mobile vehicle, Haydarpaşa Gar Course and navigation tests were done by the relevant units.

In addition, Marmaray emergency scenarios; The scenarios of the train hit by the person, the train hit the object, the medical emergency in the train, the passenger drop from the platform and the train grinding scenarios were successfully carried out.

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