The Foundation of the Jaw Crusher

The foundation of the crusher site was laid: The groundbreaking ceremony of the crusher construction site to be established by Trabzon Ortahisar Municipality was held.
The groundbreaking ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Ortahisar Ahmet Metin Genç, as well as the Deputy Mayors Kemal Çoban, Abdullah Uraloğlu, Süleyman Aydoğdu, Ak Parti Ortahisar District Chairman Temel Altunbaş, AK Party Candidate Candidate for Trabzon, Davut Çakır, Municipal Assembly Members, Mukhtars and many citizen
Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genç stated that the integrated facility, which will be put into service after about 2 months, will significantly solve the problem of transportation, especially in places transformed from villages into neighborhoods, and said, “Today we are laying the foundation of a good service altogether. As you know, Ortahisar Municipality has become a huge central district that includes a population of 315 thousand and includes 36 neighborhoods in total, with 7 villages and 85 districts being neighborhoods. Therefore, we want our district altogether so that all the infrastructure and all transportation of our 85 neighborhoods are equal. Especially, our newly joined neighborhoods have serious problems with transportation and infrastructure. Of course, we also have previous neighborhoods. For this reason, as you know, there is a concrete plant right next to our asphalt plane in our current site. Today, with our crusher construction site that we have laid the foundation for, we are turning this area into an integrated infrastructure area. So there is asphalt, there is concrete, there is sand, there is gravel, there are all of them. What will we do to our village, we will make a road. We will make concrete in the upper elevation and asphalt in the lower elevation. But our support unit, which includes all this infrastructure, is now here. This site has a cost of around 1.7 million. I attach great importance to this facility, which will solve the problem of our villages at the transportation point when it is put into service approximately 2 months later ”.
Noting that they aim to standardize all roads, Mayor Genç said, “We want all our village roads, that is, our current neighborhood roads, to be asphalt or concrete at the end of this period. Our metropolitan municipality is throughout the city, and we, as Ortahisar Municipality, want to standardize all these roads in our own service area. So at the end of our semester, in 2019, all our neighborhoods are either asphalt or concrete. I hope we will provide this. We will do this work together with our headmen on this issue and hopefully we will achieve this goal. We have to achieve this goal. Because, unfortunately, we could not reach a sufficient level in this regard as Trabzon. We have to accept this. Of course there are reasons for this. While the municipality we took over is on the 900 km road network, we have to serve 2 thousand 900 km of road now. But when we compare Trabzon with other provinces, our city has a road network of approximately 17 thousand-18 thousand km. A difficult job. So it is really difficult to make a road in Trabzon. There is a road to our neighborhood, a road to our village, a road to our plateau, a road to our mezer. But we want that there is a dynamic life on these roads, we are in the plateaus and mezes in summer. Let's do all these ways. Let's do it so that we can give credit to this service authority we came from. We did not come to sit in these positions, we came to work. We will work, we will work, we will work. We will produce the most. No matter how much we can do, we will sincerely try to do it ”.
Ortahisar Municipality The foundation of the Jaw Crusher was laid after sacrifice and prayers.



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