Expropriations Started for Kocaeli Tram

Expropriations for Kocaeli Tramway: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting, expropriation decisions were taken for some buildings on the planned tram line while rental auctions were made.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council meeting was chaired by Deputy Secretary General Feyzullah Okumuş. In the council, expropriation decisions were taken for the leasing contracts of the workplaces owned by the Metropolitan Municipality and for the construction of the administrative fines and the remaining buildings on the tram line.

26 pieces located in Tütünçiftlik coast of the South Quarter of the Gulf, owned by the Metropolitan Municipality, Gölcük, Permanent Business Center 1. 105 workplace located at the floor and workplace 10 located on the ground floor of Gölcük, Saraylı Permanent Business Center was rented.

In addition to the leasing auctions, 1608 No. 1. Due to a violation of the Article, 55 decided to impose an administrative fine on the minibus. With the proposal of the Municipal Police Department, it was decided to cut an administrative fine due to a parking ban violation on the 3 vehicle.

During the meeting, it was decided to expropriate the parcels within the scope of İzaydaş garbage factory protection area project and the parcels and buildings in the scope of Çayırköy-Dertepe Urban Development Project. Izmit Şirintepe park and recreation area, Derince Çınarlı Park and recreation area and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality City Cemetery Project within the parcels and on the buildings, Derince Çınarlı neighborhood Karaahmet street road project within the scope of the building and outbuildings were decided to be expropriated.

The land expropriation decision was made for the buildings to be expropriated within the scope of Sekapark-Otogar Tramway Project which was completed by the Council.

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