Channel Istanbul Project Details

According to the statements, the details of Kanal Istanbul, the giant project to be made in Istanbul, have been made, 43 bridges have been built on the 6-kilometer-long Kanal Istanbul project, and it has been decided to plan for a population of 6 thousand people in 500-story buildings.

Channel Istanbul Project Details
Details of the project to be built between Küçükçekmece and Arnavutköy are as follows:
* According to the project already in Istanbul with infrastructure problems, a city of 500 thousand people will be established.
* Project 38 bin will cover the area of ​​500 hectares.
* In the first case of the project, the population planning of 1 million 200 thousand people was reduced to '500' on the grounds that 'population density will be higher'.
* The new city canal will be built on either side of Istanbul in the form of 250 + 250 bin or 300 + 200 bin. No more than 6 storey buildings will be built.
* Project 43 kilometers long, 400 meters wide, 25 meter depth to be done. 6 bridge will be built on the canal of Istanbul. In the plan described in the 2011, it was said that at least 8 would be the maximum 11 bridge.
* According to the plan in the new city, reinforcement areas, conference halls, tourism centers and parks will take place.
* The Anatolian Seljuk motifs, which the AKP government frequently uses in public buildings, will also be effective in Kanal Istanbul.
* Attention will be paid to the new city skyline. So there will be gradual construction. Glass architecture will not be used. The new city will also feature villa buildings.
* The channel will be designed to allow the passage of large ships.
The authority to plan is in IMM

General Directorate of Highways has reached the stage of tender specifications, while the project will be in IMM.
The plan to make the plan was transferred from Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, and from the Ministry to IMM with the protocol between Boğaziçi Construction Consultancy Inc. (BİMTAŞ), a subsidiary of İBB.
The area in question was determined as 'Reserve Building Area' in accordance with the Law on the Transformation of Areas under Disaster Risk in 6306 by the decision of the Council of Ministers. The Ministry of Environment decided to cooperate with IMM in order to take care of urban integrity.
IBB Parliament with the majority of the ruling party with the Mayor of IMM Kadir Topbaş'a to authorize the protocol to make the reserve area of ​​the area now announced the planning authority will be in the Metropolitan.

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