Kanal Istanbul tender until May

The tender for Kanal Istanbul is completed until May: The "crazy project" announced by President Erdogan during his term as prime minister is taking action for Kanal Istanbul. The government is expected to tender for Kanal Istanbul within 2 months

Action is being taken for Kanal Istanbul, which was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his prime ministry and known as the "crazy project". The government is expected to bid for Kanal Istanbul within 2 months. Announcing a series of mega projects to the public during the 2011 elections, Erdogan announced an important project that attracted the attention of the whole world when he was Prime Minister. "Crazy Project" working group comprised of a canal project that would connect with the Sea of ​​Marmara and the Black Sea, known as Turkey's prestige in the world had been aiming to increase even more.

President Erdoğan always insisted that the project, which has been on the agenda from time to time since 2011, will be implemented, but no steps were taken. While the draft work of the channel is being carried out in secret, the ship traffic will be relieved with the project planned to be 45 kilometers long. Among the objectives of the project will be implemented in 2023, Turkey's currency if taken at the same time the tonnage of the ships will be a serious revenue-generating operation.

According to the details of the project, a new city will be established on both sides of Kanal Istanbul. In this city, where 500 thousand people are planned to live in total, the houses will not be more than 6 floors. It is stated that the establishment of 6 bridges on the channel is on the agenda, and the project is expected to be implemented at a cost exceeding 20 billion dollars.

Turkey's 2023 vision of the project reflects the channel's first dig in Istanbul is expected to hit in 2015. The government, which is planning to dig into the project after the elections in June, is preparing to tender within 2 months. Kanal Istanbul, which can finance itself, is planned to be implemented at zero cost to the state, that is, with a build-operate-transfer model. With the tender announcement, the details of the project are expected to be clarified and the contracting sector to become active.

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