Canadian giant Bombardier will establish bases in Turkey

Canadian giant Bombardier will establish bases in Turkey: Turkey is planning to Bombardier manufacturing center, a local partner signed an agreement for the factory. If the company receives the TCDD tender aiming to build production base in Turkey

Canadian train and aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has chosen TCDD's local partner for 80 high-speed train tenders, which it has been preparing for nearly a year. Bombaardi Railway Vehicles Department of Turkey, Eastern Europe and Middle East Regional Head of Sales for High Speed ​​Rail Furio Rossi, "We met with many companies, we chose the most powerful partner. We cannot explain its name strategically, but I can say that we are planning an investment of more than 100 million euros for the factory. ”

Bombardier Transportation operates in over 100 countries with over 60 thousand vehicles worldwide. The company, which produces regional solutions with a total of more than 38 employees, announced a turnover of $ 500 billion in 2014. Since 20.1 Turkey Bombardier metro and light rail system serving the transportation, closely following all rail tender in Turkey. High-speed train company as Head of Sales Furio Rossi ,, the issues they were most focused on at the moment Turkey is 1986 units of TCDD high speed train tender said. Emphasizing that they will meet all the demands of TCDD as Bombardier, Rossi said:


“We have been preparing for this tender for about a year. For this, 50 percent localization rate is required. We had meetings with many companies. But it turned out that only a few of these would potentially fit into our partnership structure. The important thing is not to choose a partner. A company that can meet the quality levels we want and be financially close to us, a company that can meet the quality levels we want, financially close to our strength. We couldn't find many companies covering them. We chose the partner to work with and signed an agreement. But we don't explain strategically right now. I can say with certainty that we have chosen a very strong partner. Turkey will build on our strong partner that our train. Our land is about current factory investment. Bombardier does whatever it takes to invest. ”

Emphasizing that it is not easy for a company to move the production from one country to another, Rossi said, “For this, TCDD has to choose an experienced company that has done this job before and can do it again. There aren't many companies that have done and will do this in a real sense. Of course, Bombardier is one of the most experienced companies in this field. There are many manufacturers doing business in Turkey but did not mention tumor. "Bombardier is a company that has always kept its promises."


Stating that a good company should be chosen for a quality service and product, and the price should be more flexible, Rossi said, “What the Turkish people want is the main point at this point. If you want 'Mercedes', you will take the high speed trains accordingly. If you look at THY, you get on top planes. When you enter THY, you enter into a great product, both aircraft quality and service quality. You should be able to think the same thing for high-speed train. "If you want to buy a quality product, you will pay the price, but if you want to buy a cheap brand, you will get quality related to it."

Emphasizing that a quality product is much more economical in the long term, Rossi says, “The cost of buying a train is only one third of the total operating and train living costs. When you buy a high quality train, it is actually cheaper if you look at it in terms of total cost. Because the main cost is operating and maintenance. ”

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