Positive discrimination for women: Pink metrobus

Positive discrimination for women: Pink metrobus. Only the demand for arı pink metrobus bu that women can get on the agenda comes up from time to time, signature campaigns are organized and requests are sent to the Istanbul Municipality for this matter.

This request, expressed after the murder of Ozgecan Aslan, is being criticized by some people. However, if we examine what is intended with olur pink metrobus Ancak, we can see that it will be beneficial for men and not for women alone.


Istanbul is an increasingly crowded metropolis that continues to receive immigration every day. As a result of this crowding, serious congestion in public transport vehicles and unwanted incidents as a result of this congestion can be experienced. People crush each other, can not go down at the stop he wants to land, are forced to travel by stacking. This table affects most of the women who are gentle and naive and cause them to suffer.

The use of a hak pink metrobus / bus net that only women can ride to stop this bad situation can be seen as a result of keeping it on hand and giving it the value it deserves. This allows women to travel comfortably during peak hours. Pregnant, child, elderly and disabled people are also provided with serious convenience.


In our country, controversial and women-specific transport systems are already being implemented in many parts of the world.

For example:

In London, where the average 10 woman is harassed by unlicensed taxi drivers every month, the of Pink Ladies ör taxi service is only available to women.
Tokyo, the most populous city in the world, unable to cope with leprosy incidents, has found a way to put into service the trains, where only women can ride, and thus not be harassed. This application, which starts in Tokyo, is implemented in the form of allocating one or several wagons to women and children under the age of 30 at the time of departure and return.
Mexico City Metropolitan Municipality of Mexico City, Mexico City subway in the morning and evening of the day of the day of one-third of the rail cars of rail cars for the men to ride these wagons 'women only' has announced the wagons.3

In addition, if you search on Google as ine Women-only passenger car ve, it is possible to reach information about such practices in countries such as Nepal, Egypt, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Israel and Taiwan. Of course, there is no “pink metrobus” in all countries; There are only metro, train, taxi and buses available to women. In other words, women-specific, privileged transportation solutions are implemented all over the world. Israel's involvement in this is remarkable.


The congestion in the metrobuses can cause men to be misunderstood by women. Especially during the busy business hours during the tightness of the bags or bags in the hands of a woman can be misunderstood as a result of contact. We hear these kinds of incidents from time to time. Men with pink metrobus are also relaxed at this point.


As a result, pink metrobus / bus is an offer um As we are against mixed education, we must oppose mixed public transportation. If there is a vote in Istanbul, if the citizen wants to use pink metrobus or buses, this demand is fulfilled.

What harm does women suffer from because they provide peace of mind in an environment that is free from adverse conditions or at least minimized? Do not be afraid; There is no discrimination; On the contrary it would be very nice. It is beneficial to keep the demand on this issue warm and keep it on the agenda.

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