Heliski Season Ended in Kaçkarlar

Heliski Season in Kaçkars Ended: The heli-skiing in Rize in Turkey, which has become the center of "natural wonder" Kaçkar "heliski" excitement, ended this season.

Heliski is a type of sport that skiers climb to the summits of the mountains by helicopter and slide from there to steep slopes and high slopes. this sport in Turkey for 10 years Camlihemsin Rize Kaçkar Mountains within the boundaries of Artvin with İkizdere is held in Yusufeli.
Skiers are picked up from the Ayder Plateau early in the morning by helicopter and left at the top of the mountains. After skiing during the day, the skiers returning to their accommodation by helicopter in the evening, leaving their places to the new group after a week.
Heliski continues in the Kaçkar Mountains every year, from the beginning of January to the end of March or early April, depending on the snow condition.
Southeast Aviation Chairman Hasan Sarıdağlar, AA correspondent, helical quinine simultaneous interpretation is done in the mountains in Turkey, said that the last five years by Turkish companies and pilots successfully.

Their activities with Turkey and Rize they provide significant gains in the promotion of European Sarıdağlar expressing, "We make this year's helix 264 athletes in the Kaçkar Mountains. First, we hosted a group of 80 German athletes. It was a very productive year. Considering that approximately 10 thousand athletes came to the region in 3 years, these athletes made a significant contribution to the promotion of the region. ”

Noting that the participation increased this year compared to the previous years, Sarıdağ said: “Last year, we hosted about 100 people of helisks. Adverse weather conditions affected attendance. This year, early snowfall increased participation, while the season ended two weeks early. "If we could continue our activities until the end of this month, we could go over 300 athletes."

Noting that helicopter activities can be carried out in the region during the summer months, therefore, the cable car project in Kaçkar Mountains should be implemented as soon as possible, “Kaçkar Mountains are a very valuable region that can serve summer and winter tourism. For this, the cable car is extremely important. This project can transform the Ayder region into Europe's leading tourism center. In addition to the sports centers, we should increase the facilities of accommodation and facilities. ”