Izmir residents can not meet Balçova Teleferik Facilities

Izmir residents can not meet Balçova Teleferik Facilities: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, 7 has completed the carrier systems of the cable car in Balçova which was closed before. But the late tendering of day-to-day facilities caused the opening to collapse again

In Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the coordination between the units hit the cable car facilities. In accordance with the report prepared by Izmir Branch of Mechanical Engineers in 2007, the cable car in Balçova Dede Mountain was closed due to lack of security of life and property; After the long-lasting tender processes and subsequent tender cancellations, the carrier systems are finally over. Passing booths that started with the arrival of passenger booths in the last weeks came to the completion stage and the bills of the Metropolitan Municipality's daily facilities for the late tendering were cut off again. The transport system to carry the citizens to the top of the mountain is over. However, facilities such as cafes, restaurants, tea stoves and WCs that meet the daily needs of the citizens going up with the cable car are not yet completed. As a result, 7 citizens waiting for the completion of the cable car for the day now had to wait for the completion of the day facilities. What happened in the Metropolitan Municipality, once again revealed the lack of coordination between the units. It is claimed that the day-to-day facilities tendered at 18 August 2014 could end with the most optimistic forecast in early April. The company, which started working on bans for each day left, finally completed the plant in the past weeks. While the test journey was at the stage of completion, the coordination between the units in the Metropolitan Municipality struck the citizen.

2007 7 year for the facility closed in 3 year before the problems in the legislation was exceeded, then the auction was once 2013. While the first two tenders were canceled, the third tender was troubled by the long-running lawsuit and the appeal process to the Public Procurement Authority. In the end, the construction work of Balçova Teleferik Tesisleri remained in the STM Ropeway Systems Company. The company was delivered to the company in March in 300. The contractor company was granted 30 days for the work. 2014 3'da work expected to be finished in April after the successive 14 time extension has been hanged to this day. In the meantime, Dede Mountain, which is rented by the Metropolitan Municipality and the citizens who come up to meet the daily needs of the cafeteria, restaurant, buffet, toilet, coffeehouse was evacuated before the facilities, and then was destroyed. On the one hand, while the construction of the cable car was continuing, on the other hand, the environmental arrangement and modification work to be done on the upper side of the mountain was not tender. When this is the case, it was again in İzmir. Metropolitan, last year in August, the official website of the 2 pieces in the recreation area in the area of ​​the 35 pieces of container toilet reception and 617.77 18 square meters of environmental work in August, so the official end of the work period 10 announced the end of the day will be tender. In the tender specifications, 240 days, ie 8 months were given for the construction of the works. 18 14 building renovation, 2 container purchase and 35 bin 617,77 square meters were foreseen in August. Recently, the ropeway systems have ended, but the day-to-day facilities for the recreational area and landscaping have not been completed.

Designed to meet the standards of the European Union and will carry 1200 passengers per hour, the length of the cable car system will be 810 meters, while the height will be 316 meters. On line 8'er person will run 20 gondola and travel time will be 2 seconds 42 seconds. Izmir's new cable car will cost 12 million pounds.

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