Warned for Izmir Metro but Not Listened

📩 03/12/2018 16:28

He warned for the Izmir Metro, but did not listen: In this area, the CEO of the world-renowned Yapi Merkezi warned that the CEO of the world-renowned Yapı Merkezi “If you do such work, you will be disgraced,” President Kocaoğlu did not heed. appeared

It has been reported that the problems of the 9-kilometer Üçyol-Üçkuyular line, which can be completed only in 5,5 years and cause the bankruptcy of many tradesmen in the process, have been mentioned by experts at the beginning of the road, but Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu has not taken these warnings into consideration. Hanefi Caner, former head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, said that the tunnels were shaved and the signalization was provided by very primitive methods and by radio in order to catch the gauge in question, added a new one to his striking revelations. Hanefi Caner, CEO of Yapı Merkezi (Top Manager) of the contractor of Bornova-Üçyol line, which has a worldwide reputation for metro, Başar Arıoğlu came to İzmir before the process started and gave the following information: “Yapı Merkezi Üçyol-Bornova Metro ' After completing the project, it completed and put into service Dubai Metro, which is the biggest metro in the world, worth 6.5 billion dollars. Then he built part of the Marmaray Project. Now they are doing the section that will be used by the cars in the throat passage. Başar Arıoğlu, the CEO of this company, came to Izmir when the tender specifications were published by the metropolitan municipality. He expressed concern about the specification. I also advised them to meet with President Kocaoğlu and share them with him. Başar Arıoğlu made an appointment and met with Kocaoğlu. He warned about what could happen in the meeting. Arıoğlu said to the President, 'We have a lot of work still going on in other countries. We don't want to take this job anyway. But we made the first part of the Izmir Metro. We love Izmir. The tender specifications shall not be taken into consideration with these prices. If you quit, you cannot finish this job, you will be disgraced, 'he said. But Kocaoglu did not listen to any of the warnings. Although it is such a world-renowned and competent company, Yapı Merkezi has not even entered the tender of the region, which is currently problematic in İzmir. None of the firms that received the tender had the metro experience. The result is obvious. ” Stating that "the tender was held during the Yüksel Çakmur period", one of the former mayors Burhan Özfatura, Caner stated that he did not look very warmly at the subway project. The 1700 meter section from Üçyol to Konak was made with the drilling method called 'New Austria method'. We opened the 1700-meter Nene Hatun Tunnel from Halilrıfatpaşa to Konak. After that, we passed from Konak to double-tube Basmane with double-tube. In that process, we used a method applied even in the world for the first time in Turkey. Contractor Building Center has made it bigger in Marmaray with this method. After Basmane, we built a very nice metro with 11 stations one kilometer apart until Bornova. Especially during the passage of Konak, we worked completely in the water and slime. Konak Station was taught as a lecture in the civil engineering department of the University of Munich, Germany. This is something to brag about. Delegations from Germany came from Japan to examine the Konak Station. Konak Station is a building currently standing with its own weight in the water, with no anchor, no foundation, without the foundation of the diaphragm walls technique. An extremely safe place in the earthquake. We have made such constructions. You won't find a gram of water in it. You also see new tunnels.

The construction phase of the Üçyol-Üçkuyular Metro line, which was opened at the end of 9 years of construction in July 2014 despite the deficiencies, was quite adventurous. In 2005, the foundation was laid by CHP leader Deniz Baykal, and even in the 9-year period, two contracts were terminated, and many collapses were encountered. When the work was completed in 9 years, there was a big ordeal in İnönü Street where the metro route passed. Tradesmen whose works were damaged due to construction had to close shutters. Many tradesmen went bankrupt. During the process when the line was put into service, Egeli Sabah announced to the public that the METU report revealing the tunnel ruptures and even the lack of fire detection extinguishing system.

Explaining that Bayındır İnşaat, who received the first tender, is not a company specializing in rail systems, Caner said, “These companies did not think about the electromechanical part of the work because they gave price to excavation, excavation and filling, and they made an increase in exploration when they came there. The men came and gave a price of 90 million liras. Then he bounced in the third, fourth month, ”he said.


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