With İZBAN, İzmir Metro Has a Giant Fleet with an Investment of 665 Million TL

With İZBAN, İzmir Metro Has a Giant Fleet with an Investment of 665 Million TL: On Friday, March 6, İzmir Metro's two-rail system İZBAN and İzmir Metro, which is preparing to sign the tender contract for 85 new wagons of İzmir Metro, have a giant fleet with an investment of 665 million TL. gets together. While the number of passengers transported in İzmir's rail systems İZBAN and İzmir Metro has increased from 1 million to 130 million in the last 170 year, the two companies have rapidly increased the number of train sets in order to further increase the quality of the service they provide to their passengers. Starting the year 2013 with 3 train sets consisting of 43 wagons, İZBAN increased the number of sets to 21 during the period when the number of passengers increased, by commissioning 64 Bay Dolphin during the period. İzmir Metro, which entered the year with 77 wagons, completed the test drives of 10 new sets again in this period and brought them to the operational phase. With İZBAN, the number of vehicles in the possession of İzmir Metro has thus reached 64 sets and 87 wagons.

İZBAN will take the 19 Gulf Dolphins, which are still under construction and test drive, to this year. Bringing 85 new wagon purchases up to the contract stage, İzmir Metro will start bringing its sets to Izmir within 2 years following the signing of the contract and will start the test drives. Thus, in 2017, the number of train sets on İzmir rails increased to 83 (249 wagons in total) in İZBAN, and the number of wagons increased to 172 in İzmir Metro, while İZBAN will send back 10 sets rented from TCDD.

The investment of İZBAN and İzmir Metro solely for new train sets is approximately 665 million TL. The cost of all fleets of the two systems exceeds 1 billion 400 million TL. İZBAN started to pay for the Bay Yunusu sets, which were tendered two years ago and started to be manufactured. İzmir Metro signed a loan agreement with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for 85 million TL of 100 new sets. The remaining cost of the new sets of Izmir Metro is planned to be covered from the budgets of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the French Development Agency (AFD), ING Bank (under MIGA Guarantee) and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The signature for the 85 new set tender of Izmir Metro will be signed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality on Friday.



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