Istanbul subway train exit tragedy

Metro derailed in Istanbul and returned from a disaster: The alleged derailment metro survived at the last minute. Passengers were evacuated. Metro services were stopped.

The metro that went from Yenikapı to Hacıosman at 09:00 in the Istanbul Metro was canceled due to a technical malfunction. The voyages were stopped after the evacuation of hundreds of passengers.

Passengers who took the metro from Yenikapı metro stop to Hacıosman this morning in Istanbul experienced panic with the shock that occurred shortly after. It was said that the subway trip was canceled without a statement by the authorities on the issue and the evacuation of the passengers was decided. Hundreds of passengers found alternative transportation routes in astonishment.

In the comments made on social media, it was claimed that there was a big shock and the subway was derailed. Metropolitan Municipality Beyaz Masa officials stated that there was a technical malfunction in the subway and Taksim - Yenikapı flights could not be made. Taksim-Haciosman flights of the metro continue in their normal course.


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