Injured in the subway Started to work in İBB

He was wounded in the subway He started to work for the İBB company: Fatih Çoban, a security guard who stuck the iron profile on his hip in Seyrantepe Metro, started to work at the Transportation Inc., one of the IMM companies operating the metro.

Security guards sitting in Seyrantepe Fatih Çoban, 29 September morning was injured in the subway crash. A piece of iron stuck in the subway car, which struck the plates on the rails, got stuck in Shepherd's hips. Çoban, hospitalized after days of accidental accident, his father retired commissar Şeref Çoban, the journalists who asked whether they would complain, "Will not stay in the blood vessel. The municipality was interested. We will not sue. Dava Fatih Çoban, who was speaking on the bedside the next day, stated that he was a victim and would no longer take the subway.

According to Hürriyet's report, it was not what Fatih Çoban said, but his father. Fatih Çoban told the prosecutor, who received his statement in the investigation of the accident, that he was not complaining from anyone. In January 2015, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) company, which operates the subway, started to work at Transportation Inc. His father, Seref Coban, confirmed that his son started to work at Ulasim AS, saying, “We made a statement to the prosecutor. We said that we are not complaining. I don't know if a public lawsuit was filed later. My son was a security guard, and he started working there as a security guard. ” The prosecution investigation carried out on behalf of the company that operates the subway and does the work is still ongoing.

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