A train wagon before the fast train

A wagon to Istanbul before the fast train: While we were studying in Istanbul between 1991-1995, we traveled between Edirne and Istanbul frequently during our student years. University student means people who experience troubled times from time to time. While university life provides a free environment, this process, which coincides with the search for identity period in terms of youth, can create a freedom shock for students. When this shock is not disciplined, students may find it difficult to set healthy goals in terms of the development of their talents and abilities. During this period, the hands reaching out to university students always create important marks in memories ...

XIX. In my opinion, the greatest service of Şerif Ercan, who served as Edirne Deputy and Minister of State, was that he initiated a late night train service between Edirne and Istanbul. As far as I can remember, this journey, made with a wagon added to the train from Europe, lasted four hours between Edirne and Istanbul… A contact that left a mark in our memory, a magical touch, that train and those train journeys ...

If we had a small request from Edirne Deputy and Minister of Health, Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, before the election and he could bring such a train trip back on the agenda ... (Can it be taken?)

Without waiting for the high speed train to arrive in Edirne in 2017; I wonder if it is not possible to go from Edirne to Istanbul by train in three hours on regular trips these days, which we heard that in 2017, it will take an hour by high speed train? Departing from Edirne and receiving passengers from Lüleburgaz and Çorlu, it will reach Istanbul as soon as possible; I think the people of Edirne, residents of Istanbul, students studying at Trakya University should not be deprived of such a train journey… Is it too difficult?

A little note: Are candidates for parliamentary candidates interested in such matters that concern the people of Edirne? While it is not possible to take a modern journey in Edirne minibus services and we no longer have any hope for a positive service such as the municipality buses from Edirne Municipality; Who knows which deputy will contribute to Edirne to make a contemporary journey by intercity train?

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