The historic bridge comes out

The historic bridge comes to the surface: Metropolitan teams are working to unearth the historical bridge that slows down the process of improvement. Silivri Municipality teams, around the bridge to take the necessary measures rolled up. In the first place, an alternative transition will be provided for pedestrians, then the historic bridge will be saved, then the breeding will continue.
With the approval of the Council of Monuments, Silivri Municipality and IMM teams started to work to bring the historical bridge across the Park Hotel, which has caused the Boğluca Stream to cease for 1 year. The teams, which started work under the supervision of police officers, said that they would first make a separate road for pedestrians. Silivri Deputy Mayors; Bora Balcıoğlu, Mehmet Has, Hasan Solak and Silivri Police Chief Selçuk Efe, together with the traffic officers, made observations in the historical bridge area on Wednesday. In accordance with the UKOME decision dated 31.01.2013 and numbered 2013 / 1-9 and the 'objectionable report' of the General Directorate of Highways dated 22.03.2013, pedestrian use was continued on the bridge, which was closed to vehicle traffic. The previous day, municipal officials started planning the crossing of pedestrians with a different crossing. The officials, who rolled up their sleeves to bring the historical bridge to light, stated that the procedures will be completed in a short time.
"IT WILL BE KNOWLEDGE IF 3-eyed or 5-eyed"
Deputy Mayor Hasan Solak said: “To confirm the creek breeding, the bridge has to be uncovered. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was on duty. The pedestrian crossing will be completely closed. Whether 3 eyes, 5 eyes or 7 eyes will be clear. There were objections to this. When the works are completed, bridge feet will be unearthed.
Underlining that the rehabilitation works will continue by the Metropolitan with the emergence of the bridge piers, Solak said, “Some projects will be carried out after the feet of the bridge are revealed. At the same time, the telecom lines and power lines here will be completely displaced. After these works are completed, the improvement works of the stream will be started. Now, we can direct pedestrians from where we can, we determine where they pass. Because the existing pedestrian road will also be closed. Let's set a route so that crossings can be made easily. "
In the evening, municipal police officers closed the space used as an auto park for the work of the historic bridge and took measures to prevent them from parking. Silivri Municipality and IMM teams, began to work around the bridge.

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