Highways will become safer

📩 24/11/2018 17:01

Highways will become safer: The scientific research project supported by Kadir Has University aims to reduce the risks and make the highways safer by encouraging the use of heavy goods vehicles at night.
Heavy and Bulk Cargo Transportation-Mobile Crane Operations Workshop brought together the representatives of the sector. At the workshop hosted by Kadir Has University, the needs and developments of the sector were discussed. Kadir Has University, supported by Kadir Has University, stated that there is a scientific preparation project. Assoc. Dr. Omar Faruk gorci of a university in Turkey for the first time, a legal arrangement that works from start to finish and execute a scientific basis, he said in a prepared legislation for the first time together in this study. Görçün, in addition to this legal arrangement will be more secure roads, he said.
As heavy vehicles are used during the day, there is a risk of about 48 per million, and this risk is reduced to 22 per million. Assoc. Dr. Omar Faruk Gorce said, "There are some limitations in the use of highways in Turkey. We can also have to use heavy goods vehicles when the normal vehicles start. Moreover, we do this in D type roads. In this regulation and our scientific study, 'We can use the highways at night and when the traffic is less.' When heavy trees are used during the daytime, there is a risk of about 48 per million and we reduce this risk to 22 per night when used at night.
This is a terrible result for a risk analysis. We foresee that we will be able to benefit a little more than half when we hit loss of lives, injuries and financial losses. We encourage night use in this regulation. In some weights, we make night use mandatory. The longer the road vehicles and the worse the risk increases. When we spread them to different time zones, we will have made the highways safer, Biz he said.
Yrd said that many of the known truths in terms of safety and security of roads are false. Assoc. Dr. Ömer Faruk Görçün, lem This arrangement has many outputs. In addition to fulfilling the safety and life safety requirements, it allows you to feel comfortable and not to think about it while a relative is on the way. It also contributes to the country's economy. I hope these outputs will be beneficial to our country and our nation. We analyzed the risk analysis and external costs and when we reduce them to a small extent, we have seen that the economic outputs as well as the social outputs will be very high. Risk

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